Pure Love 

We were all pretty crazy in the world. And each of us all had our own personal encounters with JESUS that has totally changed our lives. We have seen everything from deliverance, miracles, visions, Glory Clouds, Gods audible voice, etc. We have been going full throttle for God ever since we've had our encounters and we will never slow down.. 

God told me the next movement wouldn't be led by a ministry. It would be led by a family. Pure Love is just that a family that continues to grow in Grace as we seek the Fathers face everyday. Full of Love, Worship, Signs and Wonders!!!

We are not here to show you how amazing we are. We are here to help you realize how amazing you are because of our amazing LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!

We know that LOVE is the most powerful thing you could ever encounter in your life. And LOVE has a name and were here to introduce you to this one that is LOVE..





Andrew and Fuana Boham with their five beautiful kids.


Maverick Wenrich,  is the Chosen One.